Фраза дня: «The bare bones» – «самое главное»

Английская идиома «The bare bones» переводится на русский язык как «костяк, основное, самое главное».

The bare bones of something are the basics, the essential parts of it.the_bare_bones_470x350_pa


  • He will need time… to present the bare bones of the argument. — Ему понадобится время… чтобы подготовить основные положения своей аргументации.
  • The house was stripped to the bare bones after the tornado. All you could see were the walls and parts of the roof.
  • So far, you’ve only given me the bare bones of what happened. I need more details to fill the report form out properly.

Связанные идиомы:

When you say something is close to the bone, it means it is very personal or something that makes someone feel uncomfortable because it is the truth.
«на грани фола»


  • You shouldn’t talk about marriage when Mary is around. It’s too close to the bone. She has just left her husband.

Источник: BBC Learning English

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