Видеоурок: Как вести обсуждение в группе, полезные фразы и выражения

Мы часто обсуждаем что-нибудь с друзьями, коллегами или неизвестными собеседниками. Чтобы не показаться грубыми, мы используем вежливые фразы и обороты, которые помогают нам прерывать собеседника или вступать в дискуссию и т.д. Я предлагаю Вам посмотреть интересный видеоурок о вежливых фразах и выражениях, которые Вы можете использовать в обсуждениях на английском языке (их список Вы можете найти под видео)

Полезные фразы и выражения для поддержания диалога в группе

  • I think / I believe — are used when you’re going to express your opinion
  • That’s true, but / However / Yeah, but — are used when we want to contradict what someone else has said, when we disagree with what someone else has said
  • you made a good point but I’d also like to add — it shows that you really recognize the contribution that someone else has made in the discussion (in the first part of the expression) and you are also going to add your own opinion which is different from what the first person has said
  • Sorry, but / May I say something / May I have a word — Three different ways to interrupt the discussion
  • Please let me finish — it’s a very nice way to hold the floor, to establish your position as the speaker
  • As I was saying — is used when you’re returning to whatever you were saying when someone else interrupted you
  • Don’t get me wrong — It means the following «I’ve been explaining something, I’ve been presenting the certain point of view, but I do understand that there is another point of view and I accept that and I understand that. However I still have my own opinion»
  • In conclusion / In a nutshell / Can we sum up, by saying …. — are used to end the discussion


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