Подкаст «Words in The News»: Нобелевскую премию по литературе получила канадка Alice Munro (11 October 2013)

bbc_book_226x152В этом году Нобелевскую премию по литературе выиграла канадская писательница Alice Munro. Она награждена за ее короткие рассказы о жизни в Канаде, где она проводит почти все свое время.

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Aged 82, Alice Munro has for several years been mentioned as a potential Nobel laureate. The Swedish Academy, which makes the award, spoke of her «finely-tuned storytelling, characterised by clarity and psychological realism.»

Alice Munro has published many books of stories since the late 1960s. And she has often been compared to Anton Chekhov: for many, the greatest of all short-story writers.

She writes almost entirely about society and families and the passing of time in the part of Ottawa which she has known all her life. She is the first Canadian to take the prize: Saul Bellow, who won in 1976, was Canadian-born but became an American citizen.

Alice Munro gave her reaction soon after hearing news of the award, at home.

Alice Munro:
«It is so surprising and so wonderful, and I don’t think I knew that I was even on the list or anything until maybe yesterday. My daughter woke me up, she said: ‘Mum, you won!’ I kind of was dazed about what had I won, but I came to my senses

Alice Munro will get prize money of 8 million Swedish kroner, that’s around 1.2 million US dollars. She is only the 13th woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature since it began in 1901.

Активная лексика:

  • potential – possible or likely;
    потенциальный; вероятный, возможный; скрытый
  • laureate – a person who has been given a high-level award for their ability or achievements (such as a Nobel Prize);
  • finely-tuned – having made many small changes to make something as good as possible;
    доведенный до совершенства
  • characterised by – usually including;
    характеризующийся чем-либо
  • entirely – completely;
    вполне, всецело, полностью, совершенно, совсем
  • Canadian-born – born in Canada; usually the suffix ‘…-born’ is used to show that someone was born in a place but no longer lives there;
    родом из Канады
  • dazed – unable to think clearly;
    изумлённый, потрясённый, ошеломлённый; оцепенелый;
  • came to my senses – started thinking clearly (and understood what was happening);
    придя в норму

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